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Still good action . Some styles of plugs also lend themselves well to inline single hooks. Family owned business since 1996. September 27, 2019 Weekly Rating 4 out of 5. Bluefish Galore... Sep 5, 2020 Orleans . I finally have some time away from fishing and updated the photo site with some new photographs. The fishing hasn't cracked wide open yet, but sporadic keepers have settled into a few areas on the Cape, one of them being the Cape Cod Canal. A.J. earn how and where to target big stripers, tuna, albies and other species from Cape Cod’s many inlets, bays, jetties, harbors, beaches, estuaries and of course the canal. That said, just as you can adjust your sink rate with plastics by choosing between paddles and eel styles, or even the paddles from different manufacturers, a bucktail can be tied with more hair, slowing its sink rate, or with less hair to get deeper faster. A Canal regular whom I used to talk to on a regular basis often emphasized how he did well using thinner profile swimming plugs close to the shoreline where baitfish often looked for protection. Apparently, the best fishing has been between the Bourne Bridge and the herring run, with the tide turning east early enough in the morning tomorrow to consider it part of the “breaking tides,” but Todd Benedict shared some information that proved his point that the fishing has been good all morning. Topwater plugs worked well in this case, but Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore emphasized that folks jigging have been enjoying a more consistent bite, with only brief flurries of surface activity on the dying tides and the first part of the change. That doesn’t mean that during the next tide cycle that they won’t move back in, but with so many pogies from the entrance buoys up to Plymouth, there is a good chance they will hang outside instead. Some styles swim better than others or sink at an angle that is closer to parallel or a head first plunge, dragging the plastic behind. Our advice is simple this week: you better get up early if fishing a specific spot is your goal this weekend, and especially next week. Jeff Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore advised that it is definitely a jig bite in the land cut, with some better fish caught around the bridges. This was thought to be driven by social media, an abundance of large fish in the area, and the commercial value of striped bass. Yellow is a good color when pogies are around and apparently the west end has the same mix of bait as the east: pogies, mackerel, and squid. This bodes well for the next good moon/east change currents that start to shape up late next week. My goal will be to have these podcasts ready for you on Friday afternoons, just in time for the weekend. Sometimes the best way to describe how good things are is to relate stories, especially first hand ones. The past few seasons have also seen some Atlantic sauries move into the waters just outside the east end of the Canal and they sometimes spur some big fish action, although nobody has spoken about these cousins of the ballyhoo just yet. June 14, 2019 Weekly Rating: 3.5 out of 5. Fish follow the currents in the Canal and although they might start at the west end as the current turns to the east, they will work their way east, typically. The albies continue to add some excitement to the fishing in the land cut, particularly around the west end during the dying the west current and then the turn to the east. I received a text yesterday from a friend who reported his first legal fish of the year with sea lice; it wasn’t a monster at 29-inches, but it’s a start. This weekend there is change in current to the east around the west end between 3 and 4 AM, which will bring in warmer water from Buzzards Bay. Keep quiet and off social media if you want some peace and quiet to yourself. In season Cape Cod fishing reports by the captain of the Beth Ann, based in Provincetown Massachusetts. In yesterday's report, captain Phil Howarth from the Goose provided a full update on everything from black sea bass, to bluefin tuna. But I have never seen flying fish in the Cape Cod Canal, or anywhere else along Cape Cod's inshore coastline - until this morning. It’s important to recognize that jigheads aren’t just a lump of lead or other metal that is used to get the soft plastic to the water column level that someone prefers. Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore said he was surprised that fish were being caught on surface plugs given the cold water in the Big Ditch, but starting last weekend and continuing right through this week, the top water action has been solid. Aug 28, 2020 Dennis . Join as a member and get access to our database of more than 700+ posts. Instead I just go out and fish. Stay home until the EPO’s do their job and complete their sweeps of the poaching crews that have operated brazenly for the last two years. And if plugging in a crowd isn’t your thing, remember that there are seven miles of shoreline on both sides of the Ditch and they will pretty much all hold fish at one time or another. In fact, a 52-pounder was caught and released recently and that angler was using a classic bucktail/pork rind combination. August 29, 2019 Weekly Rating: 3 out of 5. According to Jeff Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore, Hogy Epoxy Jigs have been selling really well among the Canal anglers who target funny fish. One tip for when the water is cold and the fish are lethargic is to use as little movement of the rod to impart action to the plug, similar to dead drifting a fly. By Toby Lapinski | May 20, 2020. This morning (Wednesday) the action continued after sunup, with many folks making the switch over to swimmers, sliders and multi-jointed plugs. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts! The action has been hot both day and night, with a topwater bite both in the morning and again in the afternoon, said Jeff Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore. East End Eddie Doherty is a Cape Cod Canal fishing expert. This morning at around 1:30am, I encountered a tropical flying fish in the area of the Cape Cod Canal. Odds are that these fish are part of the same school that was out in Cape Cod Bay north of Billingsgate and up around Truro, but they followed schools of mackerel and squid into the Ditch. Hello everyone! But I never saw what did take place, with the west end erupting with big bass blasting big squid all over the place. Fishing Reports from Cape Cod Bay. On the saltwater side of things, there are still some bass in Cape Cod Bay, but reports have been quiet from the Canal. Blue again seems to be a good color this week for the folks tossing Magic Swimmers and other subsurface offerings around the west end, explained Hayden Gallagher at Red Top in Buzzards Bay, especially with more bluefish being caught, which obviously raises havoc with soft plastics. Are you planning a visit to Cape Cod? At the west end, some bonito have also been working between Bell Road and the Bourne Bridge, especially during the tail end of the west current and the turn to the east. White plugs, whether swimmers, topwater, or plastic paddletails, were working well. Pay attention to where the rips set up and what was going on when and if you caught a good fish. Yesterday my friends from the Goose Hummock Shops published their weekly Cape Cod fishing report, which goes live each Friday. At the moment, there is a jig bite at night, but this isn’t a cast out and retrieve method used so often with this generation of soft plastic paddletails. If the fishing shapes up in the Canal as folks are hoping it does over the holiday weekend, remember that finding a parking space will be at a premium and you need to be on site if you hope to secure a spot close to the Ditch. Heck, even mackerel patterned plugs have been doing the job even if the fish haven’t been feeding on these baitfish. After some solid fishing around the east end of the Canal, particularly around Pole 20, or what is known at Poachers’ Pole, the bass that had pushed in from Cape Cod Bay to feed on squid and mackerel moved out into open water, explained Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore. Imagine trying to sleep with idiots yelling back and forth across the Canal at 2 AM. FISH . Most folks are tossing mackerel colored jointed swimmers, but Bruce said that if you are going to toss surface plugs, either during the occasional flurry of activity in the wee hours of the morning or again at dusk, or you plan to try and draw fish up to the surface, then yellow or mackerel Polaris style poppers are a good option since they make more noise. Great savings on Cape Cod Bay, United States fishing charters online. Fishing the Cape Cod Canal If you ever wanted to learn how to fish one of the greatest striped bass fisheries in the nation, the Cape Cod Canal, now is your chance. The few folks who are jigging or fishing bait at night have caught an occasional low to mid-30-inch fish, but they are few and far between, and any flurries of surface activity have occurred very early in the morning. There has been an early morning topwater bite around the end of the west and turn to the east, but once the surface scene settles, Bruce advised sticking around and fishing the stronger parts of the current with jigs or other subsurface presentations. Canal Bait is now carrying the full Hogy line for both casters and trollers alike. Frankly, anyone who has chosen to fish the bite at the Maritime Academy should have his or her head examined since nobody should be that desperate for a fish. DAILY EVOLUTION OF WATER TEMPERATURE IN BOURNEDALE (CAPE COD CANAL, STA. Each week throughout the rest of the fishing season, we will be publishing a new weekly fishing report podcast here on the website. The Laura-Jay is a Custom 31’ Duffy Sportfisherman outfitted for serious fishing. Although the YouTube crowd was disappointed in last week’s set of “breaking tides,” Jeff Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore told me that he believes fish did move into the Ditch from Cape Cod Bay, but they were feeding deeper in the water column and continue to do so this week. Loved the changing scenery with a wide array of boats entering and exiting the canal. Bruce did let on that while the fish were feeding more on the west tide in previous weeks, that has shifted to the east recently. Good availability and great rates. Bonito Bar has slowed appreciably but folks are still catching all four species up... Martha’s Vineyard Updated Fishing Report. Please click here to download this podcast, or scroll below to learn more about what to expect. In this seminar presentation I will take you through a full season of fishing on Cape Cod. Monday June 1st Cape Cod Fishing Report. If the big bass do move back into the Canal, most likely at the east end, they will find plenty of bait; A.J. Click play below to check it out! Rented a bike in Wareham and rode the entire length of the Cape Cod Canal to Scusset Beach. As many of the regulars have been complaining about for a couple of years now, the lack of consistent shore fishing elsewhere has led a new crowd of anglers to the Canal and it’s not a pretty sight, from crossed and cutoff lines to arguments and even some physical confrontations. I know there are mackerel being livelined to tuna up around Stellwagen and along the backside, but hopefully there are still some more in the bay that will be pushed into the Ditch. It may offend some folks seeing the big bass that are being killed in the Canal, but there also seems to be an increase in catch-and-release. White or mackerel pattern topwater plugs, especially pencil poppers, were working as the mackerel moved back in once the water cleared from last week’s storms. Simply put, this is a good time to learn how to fish the Canal and begin to understand what these waters are all about. The onslaught continued right through today, with Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore relating that there has been an hour or two of surface activity in the morning, followed by action using swimmers and paddletail plastics. Switching over to a lighter rod and Hogy Epoxy Jigs or metal jigs that imitate peanut bunker and silversides. Before your trip, check the Salty Cape’s latest Cape Cod Bay fishing report for an idea of what you might find! Nighttime angling on the Canal is an acquired taste, as fishing the riprap is in general. Hello Everyone! The action at the Canal has not been red hot by any means, but more and more fish are funneling into the region by the day, with keeper-sized stripers beginning to show up sporadically. 200) Jigging has definitely produced a greater number of quality fish in the Canal this week. Some folks have also been sticking with jointed swimmers in spots where the fish tend to come close to the shore on a more regular basis, which again is one of those pieces of knowledge that comes with experience. There are mackerel in Cape Cod Bay, but they have yet to move into the land cut. Final Podcast Of The Season + MFCC Member Giveaway! The Big Ditch is in that “catch your breath” phase before the next push, but there are still quality stripers to be caught. Typically, the albies and bonito move in as far as the railroad bridge on the end of the east tide and then head back out on the west. This guide was originally developed by Cape Cod Charlie, a local prolific fisherman that owned two tackle stores located on each side of the canal. A.J. I have seen flying fish before when I was fishing the canyons, but that was nearly 100 miles offshore in the tropical waters of the Gulf Stream. Fishing Reports from Cape Cod Bay. If you are looking to get down to the bottom, then you only have so much territory to get there before hanging up. Some quality fish are also being caught in the waters around the herring run, especially on metal lips and jointed swimmers. BOURNE — State officials took emergency action Wednesday to close the Cape Cod Canal to commercial striped bass fishing three weeks ahead of the season's official opening day. I suspect the Hogy Slider would be an interesting option in this scenario and I hope to give it a try if I get the nerve to deal with the riprap on days when the boat is out of the question. The tides are a morning west turn, which should encourage more mackerel to move into the east end, which in turn just might draw in some larger bass from out in the bay. The new moon and early morning tide changes have produced what Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore expected as he has heard of bass to 48-inches being caught around the east end, including the bulkhead. Lamiglas Carbon Surf 11' Heavy Canal Rod (2 Piece) The perfect rod for fishing the Cape Cod Canal or other surfcasting conditions like punching large plugs or weights in heavy surf and wind. But if you’re like the guy who called Sheila Miller up and complained that he was by the Bourne Bridge and nothing was happening, then move. Our flower gardens blossomed very well considering we have had about 1 inch of rain in the last 3 months. That said, Jeff pointed out that fish are feeding on small mackerel, which typically has them moving up and down the land cut in pursuit of these fast moving baitfish. July 2 is the new moon and a set of breaking tides is setting up for next week. You will learn how and where to target big stripers, tuna, albies and other species from Cape Cod’s many inlets, bays, jetties, harbors, beaches, estuaries and of course the canal. If that kind of serendipitous approach is OK by you, then I respect your belief that the joy of fishing goes beyond just catching a fish. Finally a significant lull this week in the fishing scene in the Big Ditch; Bruce Miller at Canal Bait and Tackle in Sagamore often says the Canal “is catching its breath” during the periods between the moons and the breaking tides. Paddle tail soft plastics have been the most effective subsurface lures this week, with white, blue mackerel, green mackerel, and wacky mackerel colors that are typically found in most pluggers bags.

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