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The recipe was tasty and I'll definitely make it again. Plus, adding ghee, coconut milk, and nutmeg make this thing soooo luxurious! I'll post the other recipes next. Ingredients US Metric. When cooked and mashed, rutabaga, a cross between a cabbage and a turnip, tastes like a rich, golden potato without all the starch. Garlic and sage cooked in butter, plus a generous dose of cream, make the side dish sing. They can be made ahead, making them the perfect choice for entertaining. The only difference between the two of them is this featured one is sweeter than my day-to-day mashed. 2010: Once again, I adored this combination of a vegetable and fruit. A rutabaga carrot mash is flavorful and make creamy with the addition of warmed cream and butter! It’s a great side dish to serve during Thanksgiving or Christmas. I made the entire "Swedish Winter Feast" for a past Christmas and it was wonderful! Health Benefits of Rutabaga: Simmer until very tender, 30 to 40 minutes. You won’t want to go back to potatoes! First wash and peel your veggies. Mashed Rutabaga is a great side dish recipe for holiday feasts. This is from The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas. Ever-popular sweet potatoes team up with an underrated root vegetable in this silky mash: peppery rutabaga. Mashed rutabaga is a delicious, naturally sweet low-carb Thanksgiving side dish made even better with a little nutmeg. Strain both the potatoes and rutabaga, allowing to cool to touch. A little Butter stirred in will give them added flavor. For Mashed Rutabagas, place them in a larger bowl and chop them up a bit. Yes, my friends, the Irish blood runs strong in me. Mashed Rutabaga & Apple is really, really good -- and if you liked Mashed Potatoes & Carrots, you'll love this, too. Little did I know when I was creating my AIP version of mashed potatoes that I was really making champ. This is such an easy recipe that you should include to your Thanksgiving menu or every day. In large pot, bring potatoes, rutabagas and enough salted water to cover to a boil. I imagine it best served in the fall, with roast pork, I think. Mashed rutabaga is even tastier to me than regular mashed russet, gold, or red potatoes. Mashed rutabagas will keep in the refrigerator covered in an airtight container for 3 to 5 days. The whole meal is: Swedish Corned Pork Roast, Swedish Sauerkraut, Swedish Green Split Peas with Bacon, It is sooo smooth. 4 cups peeled and cubed rutabaga ; Pinch of salt; 1/4 cup sour cream; 1/2 tablespoon nutmeg; Cooking the rutabaga in the Instant Pot is really simple. Using hand masher or potato ricer, mash potato mixture until smooth. In a large Dutch oven, combine potatoes, parsnips, rutabaga, onion and 2 tablespoons salt; add water to cover. And then there’s this… Toasty Rutabaga Mash. If you are looking for a flavorful dish that can substitute for mashed potatoes, this creamy mashed rutabagas recipe could be just what you are looking for.. In large pot, bring potatoes, rutabagas and enough salted water to cover to a boil. Mashed rutabaga is a root vegetable that you can mash, sautéed, roast and steam. Put them in a pan of cold salted water, cover, and bring to a boil. Also check our Sweet potato fries. Combine first 7 ingredients in large pot; bring to boil. Butter 13 x 9x2-inch glass baking dish. Bangers and mash, the traditional British dish consisting of sausage and gravy, is about as comfort-foody as it gets. Mashed rutabaga is delicious served with chicken, turkey or pork alongside roasted/steamed vegetables or crispy salad. I made the entire Swedish Winter Feast for a past Christmas and it was wonderful! The hint of vanilla in this rutabaga-potato mash makes for a fall or winter side that's a level up from your traditional mashed potatoes. Preparation. This Carrot & Rutabaga Mash has a beautiful color resembling my Mixed Mashed Potatoes. Drain well. Do the same in a smaller pot for the rutabaga. It has a naturally sweet and creamy flavor, making it far more entertaining to my palate than a standard potato. Reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes, or until potatoes and rutabagas are fork-tender; drain. It works well as an alternative to mashed potatoes. To freeze, pack mashed rutabaga into freezer storage bags and squeeze out as much air as possible. All Reviews for Rutabaga-and-Apple Mash - … I'll post the other recipes next. … Use a potato masher and mash them up real good, just like mashed potatoes. The whole meal is: Swedish Corned Pork Roast, Swedish Sauerkraut, Swedish Green Split Peas with Bacon, Rutabaga come out at the end of the season, and they are worth the wait! Place potatoes along with bouquet garni of herbs in a large pot of water to boil. Since there is so much natural flavor, it doesn’t need a lot of help with heavy gravy or mounds of extras. Add one cup of water to the inner pot. Did you know that mashed rutabaga can take the place of mashed potatoes? Bring to a boil over high heat; reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 10 to 12 minutes or until tender. This is from "The Frugal Gourmet Celebrates Christmas". Mashed Potatoes with Rutabaga, or Neeps & Tatties. Peel rutabagas, and cut them in large chunks. I adapted the recipe from an Irish cookbook my mom had when we were growing up. Reheat frozen mashed rutabaga in a saucepan over medium-low heat, adding a little milk or butter if need be. butter Salt & pepper to taste Cream or milk (optional) Preparation Rutabagas take longer to cook, so put them in a pot with some boiling water or broth and simmer for 15 minutes. Mashed rutabaga is a delicious, naturally sweet low-carb Thanksgiving side dish made even better with a little nutmeg. Transfer to large bowl. Cut off the ends of the turnips. Rutabaga is slightly peppery, full of flavor and a great substitute for traditional Mashed Potatoes when you just feel like something different. Boiling until tender but still intact, about 20 minutes. I like to mix mine with creamy melted butter and milk infused with fresh rosemary. Reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes, or until potatoes and rutabagas are fork-tender; drain. Add remaining salt, cream cheese, butter and a dash of pepper. Freeze for up to 12 months. Step aside mashed potatoes, there is a new Mash in town and it is going to knock you off your block! Make it a meal: Serve with Bistro Beef Tenderloin and Tuscan Cabbage and Mushrooms for a perfect winter entertaining menu. Turnips can be substituted for the rutabagas, but the puree will not have the same creamy yellow color. For a lighter meal, you could try this Irish Carrot Soup. Mashed potatoes and rutabaga are so easy, because you just make your regular mashed potato recipe with a mix of potatoes and rutabaga. Why not add some rutabaga to your diet today? Use organic ingredients whenever possible. Ingredients 1 large rutabaga, peeled and cubed 2 russet potatoes, peeled and cubed 2 to 3 tbsp. I garnished my mashed swede with chives but you can stir these right into the mash if you prefer (or omit altogether). Back to Rutabaga-and-Apple Mash. This Mashed Rutabaga recipe outshines other mashed vegetables with its earthy, turnip/cabbage flavorings. Put in your steamer basket or trivet/rack (whatever you use when you don’t want to cook something directly in the liquid). For instance, approximately how long does it take to cook a rutabaga to be tender enough to mash? You might also like. Give them a taste test to see if they need anything else. Earthy rutabagas and garlic add flavor to mashed potatoes. Instant Pot Mashed Rutabaga. Mashed rutabaga can add more fiber to your diet, as well as helping to lower your blood pressure. It took me 40 minutes, but that was after I tested it at 15, 20, 30 minutes. Cut turnips in smaller pieces than potatoes, as they tend to cook slower. Just the thought of mashed potatoes topped with plump sausages swimming in a pool of rich brown goodness makes me want to cozy up and take a nap. How to make mashed turnips an potatoes. Yes, I added a tad of cream cheese in this recipe but the flavor stands on … Serve with Pork Wellington with Prosciutto and Spinach-Mushroom Stuffing. You won’t want to go back to potatoes… Mash together. Serve it up with any meat dish, or even serve it with this Chicken Legs recipe on top.

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