a unified framework for stochastic optimization

This framework is a thermodynamic foundation of the integrated information theory. European Journal of Operational Research, 275, 795-821. Agenda Jan 12, 2016 . Download PDF. (Click here to download paper) These decision problems have been addressed by multiple communities from operations research (stochastic programming, Markov decision processes, … The novelty of convergence analysis presented in this paper is a unified framework, revealing more insights about the similarities and differences between different stochastic momentum methods and stochastic gradient method. The package can currently be used for data pre-processing, simulation of … Abstract: In this paper, we propose a unified framework for hybrid satellite/unmanned aerial vehicle (HSUAV) terrestrial non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) networks, where satellite aims to communicate with ground users with the aid of a decode-forward (DF) UAV relay by using NOMA protocol. (2019) A Unified Framework for Stochastic Optimization. Grenoble Alpes, Inria, CNRS, Grenoble INP, LJK, 38000 Grenoble, France andrei.kulunchakov@inria.fr and julien.mairal@inria.fr Abstract In this paper, we introduce various mechanisms to obtain accelerated first-order 08:30-09:00 Welcome Coffee 09:00-09:15 Opening Remarks (Bob Sutor) 09:15-10:35 Session 1: Approximate Dynamic Programming 09:15-10:00 Warren Powell (Princeton): A Unified Framework for Stochastic Optimization Reinforcement Learning and Stochastic Optimization: A unified framework for sequential decisions is a new book (building off my 2011 book on approximate dynamic programming) that offers a unified framework for all the communities working in the area of decisions under uncertainty (see jungle.princeton.edu). A Unified Framework for Stochastic Optimization in Energy Warren B. Powell Dept. of Operations Research and Financial Engineering Princeton University Energy systems offer a variety of forms of uncertainty that have to be accommodated to ensure a reliable source of power. A unified framework for distributed stochastic optimization (Funded by ONR) A New Optimization Paradigm for Massive-scale Maritime Inventory Routing Problems (Funded by Exxon-Mobil Research and Engineering) Stochastic Optimization Models for Power Grid Resiliency and Reliability (Funded by Sandia National Labs) Completed Projects This framework consists of a mathematical model (that draws heavily from the framework used widely in stochastic control), which requires optimizing over policieswhich are functions for making decisions given what we know at a point in time (captured by the state variable). In this paper, we design a novel scheduling and resource allocation algorithm for a smart mobile edge computing (MEC) assisted radio access network. » Small changes to problems invalidate optimality conditions, or make algorithmic approaches intractable. AU - Filomeno Coelho, Rajan. All users are randomly deployed to follow a homogeneous Poisson point process (PPP), which is modeled by the stochastic … Stochastic Averaging: A Unified Framework for Incremental and Distributed Optimization Welcome to a seminar held by Ashkan Panahi, assistant professor at the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Chalmers. TABLA: A Unified Template-based Framework for Accelerating Statistical Machine Learning. A unified stochastic framework for robust topology optimization of continuum and truss-like structures par Richardson, James ;Filomeno Coelho, Rajan ;Adriaenssens, Sigrid Référence Engineering optimization, 48, 2, page (334-350) N2 - In this paper a framework is introduced for robust structural topology optimization for 2D and 3D continuum and truss problems. To this end, we propose a generic and flexible assumption capable of accurate modeling of the second moment of the stochastic … We also show that the standard variance uniformly bounded assumption, which is frequently used in … Unified Framework is a general formulation which yields nth - order expressions giving mode shapes and natural frequencies for damaged elastic structures such as rods, beams, plates, and shells. Abstract: In this paper, we study the performance of a large family of SGD variants in the smooth nonconvex regime. Stochastic optimization is an umbrella term that includes over a dozen fragmented communities, using a patchwork of sometimes overlapping notational systems with algorithmic strategies that are suited to specific classes of problems. Motivated by a growing interest in multi-agent and multi-task learning, we consider in this paper a decentralized variant of stochastic approximation. Title:A Unified Analysis of Stochastic Gradient Methods for Nonconvex Federated Optimization. work, we describe a uni ed framework that covers all 15 di erent communities, and note the strong parallels with the modeling framework of stochastic optimal control. Below, we describe in detail how the unified framework captures stochastic demands. Abstract: Stochastic approximation, a data-driven approach for finding the fixed point of an unknown operator, provides a unified framework for treating many problems in stochastic optimization and reinforcement learning. In this paper, we establish a unified framework to study the almost sure global convergence and the expected convergence rates of a class of mini-batch stochastic (projected) gradient (SG) methods, including two popular types of SG: stepsize diminished SG and batch size increased SG. A Unified Analysis of Stochastic Gradient Methods for Nonconvex Federated Optimization. The formulation is applicable to structures with any shape of damage or those having more than one area of damage. AU - Adriaenssens, Sigrid. A Unified Framework for Stochastic Optimization (Informs Computing Society Newsletter article - Fall, 2012) This is a short article that describes links between stochastic search, dynamic programming and stochastic programming, drawing on the discussions in the longer articles below. T1 - A unified stochastic framework for robust topology optimization of continuum and truss-like structures. We show that the violation of the additivity of the entropy productions is related to the stochastic interaction. October 12: Our paper A Hybrid Stochastic Optimization Framework for Stochastic Composite Nonconvex Optimization gets accepted for … Publication: ... That is, the learning task becomes solving an optimization problem using stochastic gradient descent that iterates over the training data and minimizes an objective function. Different from previous energy efficiency (EE) based or the average age of information (AAoI)-based network designs, we propose a unified metric for simultaneously optimizing ESE and AAoI of the network. Our framework captures and unifies much of the existing literature on adaptive online methods, including the AdaGrad and Online Newton Step algorithms as well as their diagonal versions. A Generic Acceleration Framework for Stochastic Composite Optimization Andrei Kulunchakov and Julien Mairal Univ. The software toolkit is based on a unified framework that makes use of maximum likelihood principles, collocation-based discretization methods, and large-scale nonlinear optimization. Center for Optimization under Uncertainty Research - COUR Symposium. This provides a unified approach to understanding techniques commonly thought of as data augmentation, including synthetic noise and label-preserving transformations, as well as more traditional ideas in stochastic optimization such as … Our framework considers stochastic demands with all other parameters being fully deterministic. Why do we need a unified framework? Stochastic optimization, also known as optimization under uncertainty, is studied by over a dozen communities, often (but not always) with different notational systems and styles, typically motivated by different problem classes (or sometimes different research questions) that often lead to different algorithmic strategies. October 30: Our paper A new homotopy proximal variable-metric framework for composite convex minimization gets accepted for publication on Mathematics of Operations Research (This is joint work with Ling Liang and Kim-Chuan Toh (NUS, Singapore)). First, the modified martingale model of forecast evolution (MMMFE) is used to disclose forecast uncertainty and improvements evolution and generate simulated reservoir inflow scenarios based on historical … In particular, Section 4.1 outlines the forecasting of future demands and the minimum amount of forecasting information that the framework needs. PY - 2016. Powell, W.B. » Practitioners need robust approaches that will provide ... optimization Stochastic and. By contrast, we make the case that the modeling framework of reinforcement learning, inherited from discrete Markov decision processes, is … Such algorithms have been proven useful in stochastic optimization by reshaping the gradients according to the geometry of the data. AU - Richardson, James. "A Unified Framework for Handling Decisions and Uncertainty In Energy and Sustainability" Watch online Problems in energy and sustainability represent a rich mixture of decisions intermingled with different forms of uncertainty. We present a theoretical framework recasting data augmentation as stochastic optimization for a sequence of time-varying proxy losses. stochastic framework for robust topology optimization of continuum and truss-lik e structures, Engineering Optimization, 48:2, 334-350, DOI: 10.1080/0305215X.2015.1011152 » The classical frameworks and algorithms are fragile. Topics covered include sensitivity analysis and optimization of discrete event static and discrete event dynamic systems, a unified framework for the SF method, important sampling, rare events, bottleneck networks and extensions such as autocorrelated input processes. Authors: Zhize Li, Peter Richtárik. KIPET contains a wide array of tools for kinetic parameter estimation and model evaluation in an easy-to-use open-source Python-based framework. To further improve the system capacity, … We also show that our information-geometric formalism leads to an expression of the entropy production related to an optimization problem minimizing the Kullback-Leibler divergence. Y1 - 2016. Therefore, in this work, a unified framework is developed for solving multi-objective STHGO under multiple uncertainties and quantifying risk information propagated between each process. In this paper we present a generic algorithmic framework, namely, the accelerated stochastic approximation (AC-SA) algorithm, for solving strongly convex stochastic composite optimization (SCO) …

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