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Neil Ramsay

Creative Economist ℠

a new mind toward new and old problems

“A significant count of what we experience in our world today is the result of discovery during once initial-processes. adhering indeed makes more same, but when the same is challenged, a different path leads to discoveries called new solutions.”

—Neil Ramsay, Creative Economist

Delivering the other way management

  • Creative Economics: absolute creativity applied to the allocation of scarce resources/capital/production
  • Catalytic Collaborate: breaking silos to address core challenges, defusing tribal behaviors
  • Change Forecasting: navigating uncertainty, identifying problems to solve before they arrive
  • Nonlinear Processes: variables in solving initiated anywhere in spatial/organizational-spectrum
  • Unlearning: going beyond an organization’s plateau of doing what it already knows
  • Artist-Thinking: the artist’s way, experimentation implemented in procedural operation
  • Inventiveness: creating space for the unconventional tweak or nuance

Focus: Academia, Business, the Arts

Focusing on the artist-thinker in markets in contrast to the art-object in markets. Delivering a knowledge set of two seemingly divergent disciplines, for integrating ‘absolute-creativity’ in solution-finding via nonlinear creative processes. Beyond ‘artists’ adorning walls and corporate spaces with artwork, mining economic value from applied optimization of underutilized intellectual creative-thinking within business organizations for development of improved (whole-brained) products, services, and system designs.

Course Designer

specializing in experiential learning platforms


seminars, panels, lectures, think-tanks


life, professional, academic


strategic, economic and lateral thinking,
for-profits, institutions, & 501c3’s ‘Chief Artist Officer’

Artist & Writer

situational, happenings,


ArtsUP! Concepts

Founder of experimental art concepts space (Metaphor, Discourse, Place) demonstrating creative utilization of indoor air rights exhibiting 12 ft above ground level installation ideas, without using floor or wall space to successfully maintain uninterrupted co-uses of the warehouse facility.  


Farm-to-Urban Retreat & Residency

Creatives consciousness (for artists, academics, technologists working on advancements in social wellbeing) residency and retreat without any linear requirements, practicing nowness


Creative Capital

Professional Development Leader: Designed Interdependence – National Lab Webinar / DIY Residencies


Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator

Co-designer and visiting faculty-in-residence 1st public-public-private partnership artist incubator in State University system, immersing artists in entrepreneurial practices, CAA 2019 NYC


FATVillage Arts District

Consulting director, art + technology district


Visual Arts Marketing / ART5853

Designed and instruct first online experiential inquiry studio-art course introducing business and entrepreneurial thinking concepts, focusing on the artist-thinker in markets in contrast to art-objects in markets. The overarching subject of business methods is introduced in the online studio-art class via an exposé and inquiry of art world operating practices encompassing artists, intermediaries, audience, institution, collectors, corporations, and markets. The course immerses the participant in a reflective (professional-viewpoint) analysis, addressing the wider philosophical query “how do I show up?” Confronting parallels of arts practice with entrepreneurship with the goal developing a fundamental understanding of the basic theory of marketing and effectively sharing ideas across sectors.



Mentor at the first museum-led and housed incubator for art + technology + entrepreneurship New Museum NYC



Neil Ramsay is a consummate learner, lateral-thinker and ‘multipotentialite’. A unique recipe for the generalist he is, and has been called upon by leadership for over two decades. He’s served in various professional capacities following an early career beginning mid nineties in medical technology. Degreed in B.A. Economics and M.S. Finance with certificates in risk management, and human resources management, Neil has held strategic and tactical positions in growth-stage organizations. 

His practice blends his abilities in economics, education and art (economics lens, art methodology, education distribution). In-service, a freelance business advisor, course-designer, educator, speaker, mentor and artist/culture-producer. He bridges the working methods between ‘absolute creatives’/ artists and business managers in seeking new problem-solving processes. His practice is moving toward corporate management standards adopting a new C-Suite office, CAO (Chief Artist Officer) leading nonlinear approaches in solution finding and creative change. Neil is a CAO in his own right. 

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